• Scale Up / Down, Rotate
• Automatic Repeat
• Frame Back / Forward
• Origin Return
• Automatic Offset / Manual Offset
• Automatic Upper / Under Tread Trimming Device <ATH>
• Power Failure Control Measures
The mixed type series, integrating lock-stitch chenille embroidery heads and standard embroifery heads in pairs!
High-performance models in drastic pursuit of functionality and operability
• Attachement in Compact Units
• M-axis Start Direction Control to Secure Stitching
• M-axis Free Control System to Allow Adjustment Head by Head
• Zigzag Swing Stitch Data Generator<PAT> to generate frame movement
• W-Bobbin Attachment to Develop your Desigh Arrangements
• Automatic Nipple Lifting Function to Improve Working Efficiency
• Nipple Stroke Adjustment in Response to Materials <PAT>
• Special Tape (Cord) Guide

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Mr A.Gopalakrishnan,Chief Executive of Unity Overseas Tirupur received an Exceptional Award of the Industries category from Prime Minister of India Mr.Modi on 16th October 2014.