Function - Standard Embroidery

• Thread breakage detector to prevent production error.
• Middle thread guide with thread take-up spring, keeping the balance of upper and under threads.
• A ball screw drive system has been adopted to reduce the time for color change operation.
• Spiral Tube.
• Take-up lever guard.
Function - Chenille Embroidery

• High -speed operation at 750 rpm has been brought to reality.
• Automatic change of 6 colors enables versatile multicolor arrangement.
• Automatic stitch exchange.
• Automatic needle height adjusting mechanism.
• Automatic lift-up mechanism.
• Tie-off function to prevent the thread from fraying.
A mixed type series to increse production efficiency and open the way to versatile embroidery expressions!
Chenille embroidery and standard embroidery have been brought together in one embroidery machine.
A chenille embroidery head is coupled with a standard emboidery head in a pair (available up to 15 pairs).

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