Revolutionary laser bridge SL4 for multihead embroidery machines endowed with the new control software Seit Magic Driver which allows the direct conversion into laser cut and engraving of the fonts "True Type" windows, moreover thanks to the functionality laser draw fusion we can create and modify vector lines and drawings directly from the software by converting them into works of cut and engraving for different product lines.

Technical Data:

Laser Source - sealed CO2 laser
Laser head with galvanometric scanning - max speed 9m/sec
Laser nominal power - 25W - 50W - 100W
Laser Effective Power - 34W - 68W - 120W
Laser pulse nominal power 100W - 150W
Laser max power pulse - 250W-375W
Work field - From 300x300mm
Translation Speed of the machines - max 2.5m/sec
Test desk - 600x600mm
Personal computer HP with 17 inch LCD monitor included

Advanced Functionalities:

Automatic recognition of the image contours and direct import as tolerance colors vectors
Direct conversion into laser cut of the windows "True Type" fonts
Creation and modify of the vectorslines directly from software through functionality of "Laser Draw Fusion"
Possibility of suspending the work on machine 1 and transferring on machine 2, then reprise on machine 1.
Times and mode of cutting report.

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