In the machine it can be washed until 450 g/m2 fabric. All the water inlets, drain valves and transfer valves are regulated on PLC acconding to the process and colorís darkness. It used for washing of bleaching, exhaust dyeing and printing for the type of woven and knitting fabric. The speed of fabric increases 60 meters per minute.

The working design of the machinery is on the base of oppsite movement washing. Water transfer between the cabing accurs from the last cabin to the first cabin. Also as a optional; those transfer can be closed and can be worked as a drain and rainfocement.

However water saving is accured because of machinery energy saving, short preparation time, washing nozzles which designed ak a special and pumps. For example; water consumption; from light colour to dark colour, is between 10 lt/kg - 18 lt/kg. on the black dyeing cotton, it is passible to get wet-fastness between 18 lt/kg. 4-5
(it depends on the used colour quality).
Continuos Washing Machine For Open Width Knitted Fabric

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